DIY Rock and Roll Bed (Full Plans)




Looking for a DIY rock and roll bed? You’ve come to the right place!

This bed design gives you a handful of different options, and provides all the drawings, parts lists, links to products, and instructions you need to build your own. These plans are based on t-slot material that is 1″ x 1″, but can be modified to be used with almost any material. The design is simple and adaptable to any van.

The simple SketchUp drawing can be downloaded for free here (you can find the free version of SketchUp here) and is best used by those who are proficient with CAD software. If you want the additional drawings to include all the variations on the design, assembly instructions, and parts lists, you can get those right here by buying this package and supporting my creative outlet.

I don’t mind answering some simple questions, but if you would like some more in depth custom design and consulting help, I can provide that for an additional $100 per hour. Not sure what you need? Send me an email at