What we stand forWe are minimalists.

First, we are adventurers. We love to explore -  Mountains, Prairies, Forests, and Cities. Our van is but a means to take us to exciting places. It is merely a tool and not an identity. At heart, we are nomads - people who see the next adventure as something not found in a guidebook or a travel blog. Our goal is to go places and let adventure find us.

When it comes to building vans, it is our deep belief that happiness comes from being able to focus on nature and how we fit into it. This means that our designs are driven with a singular goal - to make the vans so simple it is hardly noticeable in your daily life.

We also recognize we are not the best builder for every van. Some people want bells and whistles, gadgets and bluetooth connectivity. While we are not afraid of those technologies, we generally lean toward simpler builds.

Each step of the process includes evaluating each use case, weight, ease of repair, complexity, and ensuring overall simplicity. From design to delivery, this process involves assessing your needs and wants, and finding ways to address both without letting distracting concepts or specific products take control of the planning. The build is successful when it does just enough to get you out where you want to be without being bogged down with more than you need.

custom Minivan ConversionsWe build simply.



Our builds focus on the tenet: less is more. We believe design can free you to focus on what matters most.


Smaller spaces require more forethought. Creativity is key when thinking outside the box.


Final weight affects safety and fuel economy. Weight is an important focus when building your van.
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