Welcome to my world

Hi, my name is Eric. I don’t fit into any mold and I’m unlike anyone you’ve met. I grew up as a pretty big dork and have gotten far better at it as time moves on. I have insecurities that coexist with my overconfidence and I’m as much of an introvert as I am an extrovert. I’ll be writing about a lot of things on this site, but the one common thread is that it will be raw, real and pretty unrefined.

I was raised by 4 sisters (like being raised by wolves, only instead of claws and teeth, they had eyeliner and mascara), I LOVE to laugh, I work as a professional, I’m physically active (runner, skier, mountain biker, rugged mountain man), outgoing, inquisitive, social, warm and friendly, love good conversation and can be insanely immature at times.

I laugh at my own jokes and sometimes make others choke on their food. I’m also the kind of guy that picks up other peoples trash and honks when people throw their cigarette buts out the car window. Littering is for selfish pricks – this is my earth too. I do have a serious side but I try to keep that personality locked up and gagged in the closet.

When I’m not hanging with my kids, working my face off, or tweeting, you can find me climbing rocks, traipsing across glaciers, assessing a slope for avalanche danger before shredding it mercilessly or hitting a DH run in Hinton (mainly just trying to get away from the mosquitoes). In other words, I love the outdoors. I haven’t decided if I’m going to post mountain stuff here but I won’t apologize if I do. (**Update**: I did, and I’m totally not sorry.)

My Adventures