My Gear List

While by no means complete, this list includes most of the gear I use on my trips and in/on my van. If you saw something in a video or post that isn’t here, let me know and I’ll add it.

Van Build Items


Below you’ll find my basic electrical schematic for my van. It makes a very important assumption – that my switches have built in breakers, so take that into account when using this as a guide. This also does not include breakers/fuses from the solar controller or alternator, so be sure to include them when planning as well. Placement of those breakers/fuses depends greatly on your build design, but generally you want one at each end of a heavy gauge wire (i.e: on both ends of your alternator supply wire to protect your house batteries and your vehicle electrical system). Wire sizing depends entirely on your layout and must take into account load demand and length of conductors.


Water and Plumbing


I plan to install a thermostat to control the temperature in my coolbox as well as save on energy. Coolboxes can also generate heat by reversing the polarity, so I may even build mine to heat the fridge during winter to prevent freezing my delicious eggs ;).

Insulation and Sound Deadening



Daily Living Gear

Kitchen/Food-Prep Gear

General Household Gear

Cold Weather Sleeping Gear

Backpacking Gear

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  1. Did you produce your van electricity schematic drawing? I’d like to get a copy to help me plan for a low budget 2007 town & country camper conversion.
    Thanks, John Flanagan
    Templeton Ca.

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      Hey John, yes, I do have a schematic. I didn’t end up following it exactly (I skipped the hot water heater and solar), but it’s complete. I’ll email it to you.

  2. Do you have a parts list on amazon for the rock n roll bed? And maybe a blueprint of bed with measurements of all parts and required hardware that you could share with us?

    1. Post

      Unfortunately this material is extremely expensive on Amazon, so it’s best to buy from a supplier. I’m working with a company that will be building packages and have a very good price on material. I’ll hopefully have that in the next week or so.

  3. Yes I would love too know where you got the material for making this bed..I would love too try this in my SUV

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